Layers of the abdominal wall

These are described from most superficial to most deep:

  1. Skin
  2. Subcutaneous tissue
  3. Superficial fascia – there are two layers in the anterior wall
    1. Camper’s Fascia superficially – forms Colles’ fascia in the perineum + lateral fascia in the
    2. Scarpa’s Fascia deeper – also forms Dartos’ fascia (scrotum), Colles’ fascia (perineum), and the fascia lata
  4. Muscles (depending on the area)
    1. Either
      1. External oblique
      2. Internal Oblique
      3. Transverse abdominis
    2. Or in the midline
      1. Anterior Rectus Sheath
      2. Rectus abdominis
      3. Posterior Rectus Sheath (Upper 75%)
  5. Transversalis fascialies just deep to the transverse abdomini
  6. Extraperitoneal fat
  7. Parietal peritoneum


Image describing the layers of the abdominal wall